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July News Letter - The Importance of Anti-Virus
Anti-virus software is no longer enough when trying to avoid viruses online. As internet usage becomes more frequent in everyday life, the risks from spam, scams, identity theft, and viruses increase accordingly. Protecting yourself from online threats is now as important as keeping your banking information private, yet many people still do not take the necessary steps to protect themselves.

Fortunately, the best defenses are simple and cost-effective. Make sure your operating system is up to date, and that the firewall is running. On Windows systems, setting Windows Updates to download updates automatically is the best option.

The most important thing you can do to keep your computer and personal information safe is to install a modern, up-to-date antivirus client. Antivirus software actively scans your computer for malicious files and programs which might cause damage, allow unwanted access, or steal your information. A recent study by Microsoft showed that computers without antivirus software are 5.5 times more likely to be infected than a protected system.

In our experience, Vipre Internet Security provides the best protection for the best price. It features a robust “Bad Website Blocker” feature, which will alert you if you try to visit sites that have been flagged as dangerous. Since one of the most common methods of infection is through malicious or compromised websites, this feature is extremely useful.

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There are also a number of free protection options that we recommend, all offer basic virus protection.

Microsof Security Essentials:
AVG Free:

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